Multi-Cloud Data Security Solutions

Secure your digital transformation with multi-cloud encryption and key management solutions from Thales eSecurity

Advanced Encryption Protects What Cloud Providers Don’t

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Shared Responsibility Diagram

Cloud Narrow Shared Responsibility

The shared responsibility model is a well-accepted tool to help raise awareness that while cloud providers are responsible for the security of the cloud, cloud buyers are responsible for security of their data in the cloud1.

You’re almost certainly responsible for the security of data on your premises and in the cloud. As your workloads migrate to multiple cloud providers, are you confident in the security of your data? Are you in compliance with internal and industry data protection mandates? Is your data protected in the event of a subpoena issued to your cloud provider? Can you move data quickly from one cloud provider to the next? Thales eSecurity cloud security solutions can help answer these multi-cloud security questions.

Public Cloud Solutions

Thales partners with industry-leading Infrastructure-, Platform- and Software-as-a Service (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) providers worldwide to support any multi-cloud strategy – public, private or hybrid. Cloud security solutions include:

Thales eSecurity: your multi-cloud partner

Thales eSecurity helps you secure your digital transformation with multi-cloud advanced encryption and multi-cloud key management solutions that keep you in control of your data.

1See: various Shared Responsibility Models: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure

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