Secure Cloud Computing

Leverage the power and flexibility of the cloud with the confidence that your customer and application data is protected

Enterprise Users

Cloud computing and storage have reached unprecedented levels of adoption among enterprises. According to the 2016 Global Encryption Trends Study, a majority of enterprises now send sensitive data to the cloud despite some concerns over security risks. Thales eSecurity provides secure data encryption and strong key management to support any enterprise cloud security strategy - public, private or hybrid.

Cloud Customer Data Protection

While many organizations are adopting cloud computing strategies, concerns about data security persist. Before moving critical data and workloads to your cloud environment, enterprises need assurance that their data is properly safeguarded. Your cloud services might include encryption, but best practices demand the separation of encryption keys from data and workloads. Are you offering your customers a bring-your-own-key option?

Unauthorized User Access to Data

By moving sensitive data and workloads to the cloud environment, customers are giving up some of the control they have enjoyed by using their own data centers. Can you or your cloud service provider assure them that their data is protected from access by unauthorized individuals?

Compliance Concerns

Although your customers no longer physically maintain the data they have moved to your cloud environment, they recognize that they are still responsible for complying with data privacy mandates. Many mandates require strong protection of personally identifiable information and other sensitive data, along with audit trails.

Data-at-rest Encryption

Thales' solutions offer your customers capabilities for data-at-rest encryption at the file-level, application-layer, using a cloud encryption gateway, with on-premises and off-premises key management support. The data security solution can also provide tokenization, privileged user access control, and security intelligence logs that support your customers’ security analytics and compliance reporting.

Privileged User Access Control

With Thales' cloud security solutions as part of your offering, your customers can institute systematic controls that prohibit any unauthorized users—including anyone on your staff—from accessing sensitive data. At the same time, the platform won’t hinder your administrators from doing the tasks they need to support and optimize their implementations.

Strong Compliance Support

By partnering with Thales eSecurity, your business can provide the controls, visibility, and auditability your customers need to comply with data privacy mandates and internal policies. You can help customers run services in the cloud without compromising compliance with mandates such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and others.

Bring Your Own Key for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS Customers

Whatever your cloud services model, Thales’ solutions allow your customers to bring their own encryption keys to your cloud environment. By offering this option, you will be supporting your customers’ security and compliance initiatives, and setting your service apart from competitors.

Reduced Business Risk

Building strong data protection into your cloud service will help your customers reduce the risks associated with data theft or unauthorized access, along with the forced disclosures and other costs associated with a compliance violation. Executives can be assured that, even if there’s a breach of your facilities or a subpoena requires the submission of their digital assets, encrypted data won’t be compromised.

Flexibility of a Cloud-based Model

As a Thales eSecurity cloud partner, you can take advantage of subscription based service provider pricing and advanced customer support that stands behind your customer support team 24x7. The Vormetric Data Security Manager can be implemented as a virtual appliance or a FIPS 140-2 validated appliance, and can be hosted in either your environment or your customer's. Additionally, offering BYOK gives your customers confidence in their

Improved Customer Satisfaction

By addressing the data security and compliance concerns that are keeping customers from moving sensitive data and workloads to your cloud or hosted environment. Once customers are confident in your data protection capabilities, they will be more likely to expand their cloud computing usage.

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More and more organisations have enlisted cloud services to save time, money and to introduce more efficiencies into their organisations. End-users have come to love how easily they can access and share information with co-workers – both within the office and remotely. Yet, security professionals must protect the assets traversing these services, and the management must not be overlooked by the executives opting for their use. Access controls, encryption and more all must be considered, along with just who and how corporate data is exposed. We explore some of the more critical security issues executives must consider when relying on the cloud.

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