Streamline Key Management Across Multiple Cloud Services

Gain operational efficiency, compliance, and security by centrally managing multiple cloud provider encryption keys with CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager

For virtually every organization today, the adoption of multiple cloud services continues to expand—and so does the use of encryption. As the proliferation of encryption continues, so do the number of keys, and the potential risks. With the CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager, your organization can establish strong controls over encryption keys and policies for data encrypted by cloud services.

ciphertrust cloud key manager

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CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager supports a growing list of infrastructure-, platform- and software as a service (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) providers. SaaS solutions include Microsoft Office365 users who leverage Microsoft Azure Rights Management and Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption. Supported IaaS/PaaS solutions include Microsoft Azure Key Vault and Amazon Web Services Key Management Services.

On-premises or private cloud deployment of CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager is available for customers facing the most stringent key management security mandates.

Gain Strong Key Control

Data Encryption solutions from leading public cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption provide Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) services that enable customers to separate key management from provider controlled encryption. CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager utilizes BYOK services to deliver key generation, separation of duties, reporting, and key lifecycle management that help fulfill internal and industry data protection mandates.

Fulfill Best Practices

Separate encryption keys from data encryption and decryption operations for compliance, best security practices and control of your data. Gain operational insights on encryption key usage with dashboards, reports and logs with CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager.

Enjoy Enhanced IT Efficiency

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager centralizes encryption key management from multiple environments. Each environment’s unique key management features and descriptive language is supported and dynamically presented in the user interface.

Comprehensive Key Management

Deploy CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager with any number of keys already created at your cloud provider. It will synchronize its key database with your provider’s. Key attributes such as expiration rules and usage options are all maintained.

True Multi-Cloud Support

With support for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure Germany and China national clouds, and, CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager keeps you in control of encrypted data across multiple clouds from a single pane of glass.

Federated User Access to Key Management

Each cloud service login is authenticated and authorised by the service provider - CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager includes no login data base nor requires AD or LDAP integration. Granular key usage authorisation ensures that users see only permitted keys.

Implementation Choices that Match Your Needs

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager is available as a service in the cloud or for on-premises deployment.

  • “As a Service” combines convenience with control required for many data security mandates. Keys are stored in a FIPS 140-2 Level 1 virtual appliance. There is no need to architect, deploy or maintain a high-availability key management solution on-premises.
  • “On Premises” allows highly regulated organizations to store encryption keys on up to a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Common-Criteria-certified appliance, while leveraging a subscription-based pricing model.
Automated Key Rotation

Select keys for automated rotation, and CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager does the rest of the work. At intervals you choose, CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager updates the keys.

The Compliance Tools You Need

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager has the full range of logs and reports you need for fast compliance reporting, including a per-cloud operational logs and a range of pre-packaged key activity reports.

Cloud Provider-Specific Semantics and Operations

You know that each cloud provider’s different key functionality creates complexity. CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager mitigates complexity with a common user interface experience across multiple clouds while presenting cloud service provider terminology and operations.

Supported Cloud Providers:
Key Security:
  • Cloud Service: FIPS 140-2 Level 1
  • On-Premises Service: up to FIPS 140-2 Level 3
Authentication Integration:
  • Microsoft Azure: OAuth Federation
  • Salesforce: OAuth Federation
  • Amazon Web Services: Key and Secret

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Solution Brief : CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager reduces key management complexity and operational costs by giving customers lifecycle control of encryption keys with centralized management and visibility. Read the solution brief for an overview of its features, capabilities and benefits.


Analyst Research : the CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager for Multicloud Data Security

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